OCC Releases Draft Fintech Charter Licensing Manual Supplement NEW!

Memorandum (3-21-17)



CFPB Proposes Effective Date Extension for Prepaid Accounts Rule

Memorandum (3-13-17)

Federal Register Notice


District Court Denies Midland Summary Judgment and Certifies Class

Memorandum (3-6-17)



NY DFS Finalizes Cybersecurity Requirements

Memorandum (2-22-17)



NY DFS Revises Proposed Cybersecurity Requirements

Memorandum (1-3-17)

NYDFS Proposal


Comptroller of the Currency Requests Comment on Fintech Charters

Memorandum (12-6-16)

OCC’s Proposal


FFIEC Issues Final Guidance on the Uniform Interagency Consumer Compliance Rating System

Memorandum (11-15-16)

Federal Register Notice


Agencies Consider Enhanced Cybersecurity Risk Management Standards

Memorandum (10-25-16)

Federal Register Notice


CFPB Issues Final Prepaid Account Rule

Memorandum (10-10-16)

Federal Register Notice


NY DFS Proposes Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies

Memorandum (10-5-16)

Proposed Regulation


FDIC Proposed Guidance on Third-Party Lending

Memorandum (8-2-16)



NY DFS Issues Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Program Regulation

Memorandum (7-6-16)



FDIC Updates Brokered Deposit FAQs

Memorandum (7-1-16)



South Carolina Enacts Money Transmitter Law

Memorandum (6-14-16)



Washington DFI Revises Payment Processing Interpretation

Memorandum (6-6-16)



Interagency Guidance Regarding Deposit Reconciliation Practices

Memorandum (5-20-16)



Supreme Court Determines FCRA Requires Plaintiffs to Demonstrate Harm

Memorandum (5-18-16)



CFPB Proposes Rule Prohibiting Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

Memorandum (5-18-16)

Federal Register Notice


U.S. Treasury Department Issues Customer Due Diligence Rule and Proposes Rules and Legislation to Combat Money Laundering

Memorandum (5-13-16)

Proposed beneficial ownership legislation


Interagency Guidance on Customer Identification Program Requirements for Prepaid Cards

Memorandum (3-29-16)



New Mexico Enacts Money Transmitter Law

Memorandum (3-30-16)



FinCEN Proposes Changes to Foreign Financial Account Reports

Memorandum (3-14-16)

Federal Register Notice


FDIC Proposes Deposit Account Recordkeeping Requirements

Memorandum (3-4-16)

Federal Register Notice


CFPB Issues Compliance Bulletin on Reporting Obligations to CRAs

Memorandum (2-5-16)

Federal Register Notice


Changes to GLB Act Annual Privacy Notice Requirement

Memorandum (1-16-16)



Passage of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015

Memorandum (12-22-15)



New York Department of Financial Services Proposes Anti-Terrorism Regulation

Memorandum (12-4-15)



Federal Reserve Approves Emergency Lending Rule

Memorandum (11-30-15)

Federal Register Notice


FTC Amends Telemarketing Rule to Ban Certain Payment Methods

Memorandum (11-20-15)

Federal Register Notice


FDIC Modifies Guidance on Brokered Deposits

Memorandum (11-13-15)

Brokered Deposits FAQs (Clean)

Brokered Deposits FAQs (Tracked Changes)


Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Finds Florida Credit Card Surcharge Ban Unconstitutional

Memorandum (11-5-15)


CFPB Considers Proposing Rule Banning Arbitration Clauses Blocking Class Action Lawsuits

Memorandum (10-8-15)

Outline of Proposal


Second Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds New York Ban on Credit Card Surcharges

Memorandum (9-30-15)



OFAC Updates Cuban Assets Control Regulations and FAQs

Memorandum (9-22-15)




FinCEN Proposes Anti-Money Laundering Regulations for Investment Advisers

Memorandum (8-25-15)

Federal Register Notice


California Final Money Transmission Regulations

Memorandum (8-25-15)



Second Circuit Denies Midland Funding Petition for Rehearing

Memorandum (8-13-15)



OCC, FDIC and CFPB Impose Penalties for Incorrect Deposit Credits

Memorandum (8-13-15)

OCC enforcement order

FDIC enforcement order

CFPB enforcement order



Federal Reserve Determines Financial Sector Concentration Limit

Memorandum (7-7-15)

Federal Register Notice


New York State Department of Financial Services Finalizes BitLicenses for Virtual Currency Business Regulation

Memorandum (6-4-15)

NYS DFS Regulations


Second Circuit Decision on Applying State Usury Laws to National Bank Loan Sales

Memorandum (5-29-15)




Federal Reserve Requests Comment on Same-Day ACH Service

Memorandum (5-28-15)

Federal Register Notice



FinCEN Enforcement Against Seller of Virtual Currency

Memorandum (5-6-15)

FinCEN's Announcement


U.S. Court of Appeals Rejects Challenge to Constitutionality of the CFPB

Memorandum (5-1-15)



FinCEN Penalty for Failure to Report Suspicious Activity

Memorandum (3-2-15)

FinCEN Release


FDIC Statement on Providing Banking Services to Certain Customer Categories

Memorandum (1-28-15)


Federal Reserve Strategies for Improving the Payment System

Memorandum (1-26-15)

Federal Reserve's Paper


Supreme Court Rejects Retailers’ Cert Petition

Memorandum (1-20-15)