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Memorandum (10-15-18)


FDIC Proposed Rule for Reciprocal Deposits

Memorandum (9-14-18)

Federal Register Notice


Amendment to Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Notice Requirement  


Memorandum (8-10-18)

Federal Register Notice


Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Fintech Charter Announcement

Memorandum (7-31-2018)

OCC Policy Statement



California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

Memorandum (7-18-18)

CA Privacy Act of 2018

South Carolina Begins Accepting Money Services License Applications

Memorandum (5-15-18)

SC Attorney General News Release

SC Licensing Memo

Court of Appeals Strikes Down Credit Risk Retention Rules as Applied to CLO Managers

Memorandum (2-12-18)


CFPB Finalizes Changes and Extends Effective Date for Prepaid Accounts Rule

Memorandum (2-1-18)

Federal Register Notice

Court of Appeals Upholds Constitutionality of CFPB

Memorandum (1-31-18)


Ninth Circuit Affirms California Anti-Surcharge Law is Unconstitutional

Memorandum (1-12-18)


U.S. Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in AmEx Merchant Rules Case

Memorandum (10-18-17)


Justice Department Letter on a Proposed Real Time Payment System

Memorandum (9-25-17)


Court Decision on Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Memorandum (7-21-17)



Court Decision on Federal Reserve Account for Credit Union Chartered to Serve the Marijuana Industry

Memorandum (7-5-17)



CFPB Seeks Comment on Proposed Changes to Prepaid Accounts Rule

Memorandum (6-16-17)

Federal Register Notice


Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Does Not Apply to Purchasers of Defaulted Debt

Memorandum (6-12-17)



Amendments to the Check Collection and Return Provisions in Regulation CC

Memorandum (6-1-2017)

Final Rule

Proposed Rule, Request for Comment


CSBS Sues OCC to Prevent Fintech Charters

Memorandum (4-27-17)



CFPB Finalizes Effective Date for Prepaid Accounts Rule

Memorandum (4-24-17)

Federal Register Notice


Recent Seventh Circuit Decision on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Memorandum (4-4-17)



Supreme Court Rules New York State Ban on Credit Card Surcharges Regulates Speech

Memorandum (3-30-17)



OCC Releases Draft Fintech Charter Licensing Manual Supplement

Memorandum (3-21-17)



CFPB Proposes Effective Date Extension for Prepaid Accounts Rule

Memorandum (3-13-17)

Federal Register Notice


District Court Denies Midland Summary Judgment and Certifies Class

Memorandum (3-6-17)



NY DFS Finalizes Cybersecurity Requirements

Memorandum (2-22-17)



NY DFS Revises Proposed Cybersecurity Requirements

Memorandum (1-3-17)

NYDFS Proposal